Hardcore needleworkers take note: these vibrant and large stitch patterns might just be your biggest challenge yet - at an average of around 40,000 stitches, no less. 


These patterns blend freeform barghello with the massive shapes of Brutalist architecture as well as the patterns of Vorticism, and WWI "Dazzle" designs for battleships - so that whilst the buildings dominate the picture, they nevertheless blend into the background, to some degree.


How the needleworker interprets the design charts is up to them, due to the fact that the patterns are less predictable than with traditional barghello. So, for example, one might use cross stitch where only one filler stitch of a colour is needed - or barghello stitch, in any number of different directions. 

I sell my stitch patterns through Etsy here. These are downloadable digital files only, and are not inclusive of threads or canvas. I do, however, provide an estimate of the canvas size in terms of stitch units, with an estimate of usage for each colour. You are welcome to email me with questions at


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