I am an artist, illustrator, musician and writer, who studied at both Winchester School of Art and London College of Fashion. However, I have found that the University of Life has invariably taught me all I need to know about art, and more. 

One thing one can never accuse me of is having stood still. For a time I was a botanical illustrator, but found that there was a typecasting in people's minds following the publication of a book written by myself (Drawing and Painting Plants, under the name Christina Brodie). Beautiful though the book was, people seemed to expect me to continue being a botanical illustrator for the rest of my days. This baffled me, as in my opinion I had turned the subject inside out as far as I personally could, and I wanted to explore other things. I am so permanently inquisitive that I consider one should always push beyond one's comfort zone. I pursue painting, illustration, textile design, writing and music alike, and all with relentless vigour.

For that reason, I have not included my previous work (predating 2015) in the galleries on this site, as it is already available at queen-christina.com, as well as through an excellent article on Micscape . However,  I have commented on it in the autobiography/ retrospective of my life and work, which you can find here More About Me .

I have had breaks from Art here and there throughout my life, but invariably returned to produce stronger or radically different work, along with fresh ideas. It is possible to get sidetracked for a while with other things, but at this point in my life I have come to the realization that I can only do good and give gifts to the world by being my creative self. If we have imprints for our lives, that is certainly mine; and by my own free admission, I don't seem to be able to do anything else.

The most exciting thing I have found about returning to Art is exploring the possibilities of UV paint, and the way in which it interacts with other media. Typically works done in this medium take much longer than usual, as of course there are two different methods of illumination to consider. I also like playing with various digital platforms, and am delighted that at last technology has progressed to the extent that I am able to realize some of the ideas which I hold in my mind's eye. 

As far as my drawing and painting goes, it's fair to say that one of my greatest strengths is that of documenting the world around me, in great detail. I am conscientious (read pedantic), but lately, have attempted to give my work more of a narrative, rather than being overly literal. 


One thing that I have come to recognize within my own appreciation of art, is that art should always tell a story. Perhaps this is why I become a little impatient with much commercial design, and its recycling of motifs and lack of personality; I vastly prefer the vision and touch of the individual.

Nowadays, I basically draw and paint whatever I like, when I feel like it. Art as taught in art-schools is too rushed, which is why the most favoured graduates often form a very neat production line. Having taught adults myself for several years, I am not sure whether I would ever return to teaching; I feel that progress in Art tends to come about by doing, and that there is a place for teaching by inspiration and by example. 


Art cannot be rushed. If you want to produce something meaningful and of value, go away and hibernate for several years. Only then will you learn to discover yourself and re-emerge, remodelled, reinvigorated, and reborn! 


(C) Copyright to all work on this website crimari.com is owned by Christina Brodie 2020. No reproduction without permission from the artist. 

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