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I now mostly sing under the name Christina Crimari, though still occasionally under the name Queen Christina. No, the Queen is not dead yet, and doesn't intend to be, if she can help it.


I'm pleased to announce that the purchase-ability of my Queen Christina songs through Bandcamp is now working again! Due to some discombobulation of my brain, and a tumultuous lifestyle, over the last few years (a brain tumour clearly did not help), I forgot both the password AND the email I had used for the original Queen Christina Bandcamp site. Which is not like me, at all - and unfortunately, Bandcamp were unable to assist.  


So, I have created a brand new Queen Christina Bandcamp site,, to tie in with the Reverbnation site It was a mammoth task, requiring the uploading of over 130 tracks, as well as copying the links to Reverbnation, and took me two full days. However, it needed to be done - it is, after all, my legacy, and I might just as well get as much mileage as I can, out of the considerable work I produced during that time! 

My new work, as Christina Crimari, can be purchased here: . I'm deliberately keeping it distinct from the Queen Christina/ Christina Brodie work, which was produced between 2007-2014.

My newest album, recorded over lockdown during 2020 and comprised of 8 singles, is titled "Miz' Mecca". Check it out! 

PLUS: (as of May/ June 2022) my double-A side "Je Suis Une Punke/ Frida" is out on Old Bad Habits Label (on aqua blue vinyl here  - entry OBH013)

AND: I have issued some very early work of mine back from 2005-6, to go with my latest book "The Queen Christina Story Vol.III" - see and hear the 4 latest entries here






Use this site to purchase QC tracks. 

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