I now mostly sing under the name Christina Crimari, though still occasionally under the name Queen Christina. No, the Queen is not dead yet, and doesn't intend to be, if she can help it. At present, I'm working on a few retrospectives of the exciting work I did as Queen Christina from 2011-2014, which will, in time, become available on this site, and on Linkedin. It is, after all, my legacy, and I might just as well get as much mileage as I can, out of the considerable work I produced during that time! 

I had a nervous breakdown after my appearance on "X Factor" in 2014-2015, and didn't produce any more music at all for a while. However, as with my Art, I've returned to it with a vengeance, as I have with writing. Currently, I'm working on material for my new album "Miz' Mecca", some of which is already finished. 

I also do voice work, and will post some of this and some of my best vintage QC tracks, as well as some new stuff,  on Youtube/ Soundcloud as and when I can. 

You can purchase the singles on which I've completed work so far, on Bandcamp, at: . 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: the existing Queen Christina Bandcamp page ( does not work any more, from the point of view of being able to purchase tracks. I don't know why it doesn't, but it doesn't. Please bear with me while I set up a new QC Bandcamp page, so that you can indulge your QC fandom - as you should be able to! 

You can still listen to QC tracks at the Bandcamp address, OR at www.reverbnation/queenchristina