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First there was Man-Ray; now, we have Port-Ray. Here I take the traditional, not-so-humble) technique of barghello embroidery, and turn it on its head, being the enfant terrible that I am. All the rules of traditional barghello work are thrown out of the window, in order to create a very freeform version of the technique. As always in my art, I go for the max. try to see how far I can push the medium as far as it will go. Who knows; maybe one day I'll be to barghello what Kaffe Fassett has been to knitting?  

I work with portraits which I consider will have the maximum impact when treated in this way, and which will turn out a really strong image; favourite portraits of mine to work with are those of Andy Warhol, or Botticelli. 

If you'd like to have a go at stitching some of these fabulous designs, I shall soon be making some patterns available on Etsy here. NB: I am selling patterns ONLY, as digital downloads - not kits. I do however provide an overview of eventual dimensions of each piece, as well as expected colour usage.