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Scapegoat No More

Scapegoat No More - Zero Tolerance of Victimisation

Oh dear. I have just discovered another bunch of bullies want to get me thrown out of my accommodation. Why does this not surprise me? Because, I was sharing with mostly girls, and because, having been to a bitchy girls’ school from the age of 4 to 14, and the youngest in the class by 2 years, I was relentlessly bullied. Bullies of myself, I find, are invariably girls, who also recruit blokes to do their dirty work.

The roots of this treatment went much further back, however. My mother, who had not been into the idea of having kids at all, but who had me anyway, was a flagrant narcissist who was pathologically jealous of me, her own daughter - and who emotionally, physically and sexually abused me. People hate it when you talk about this, even though it goes on; it bothers them, and they don't want to acknowledge that it exists. Particularly if they are cut from the same cloth. So, the victim never gets any support, and the bullies' lying about the situation and denying it, is an even bigger bitch to have to bear.

If your own mother doesn’t like her own daughter, these bullies reason, why should they like you also? If you turn up to school with dirty clothes, and social skills which were deficient because Mother could never be stuffed to teach you them, and deliberately tried to make you different from the rest of your peers from the get go, you had no chance. But did you, in fact?

The story of the Scapegoat in the Bible is one of the most telling. Note that it wasn’t the weakest sheep or goat who was chosen to take the blame for all mankind, but the strongest (a silly, and irrational thing to do, as you’d want your strongest to breed - but never mind - people just don’t like you being better than them in any way, so they reserve the weakest for “the main populace”). It’s no accident that Jesus Christ was sacrificed in a similar way, and he was hardly the weakest.

There’s also a similar analogy in the movie “Norbit”. Norbit gets picked on, made to do grunt jobs, and is generally pushed around. Yet, Mr. Wong, Norbit’s adoptive father, who genuinely loves him, tells a funny story on making his speech at Norbit’s wedding, about where a poisonous snake bit Norbit “wight on ass; and Norbit not die. He still arrive! He still arrive!” “Even though you very, very ugwry, you stwong, like warrior!”

Mr. Wong is to die for, but that’s another story. When the Latimore brothers try to make him an offer for The Golden Wonton (in order to turn it into a “titty bar”, Mr. Wong slips the offer in his back pocket, retakes it out of his back pocket, slaps it back on the table, saying “and here is my counter-offer” - and then jumps up on the table, whale harpoon in hand. "Yah!" he screams. "I not like other townspeople. I not afwaid of Latimore. Ling-Ling! Get my pistol!”

Yes, bullies don’t like it when you come at them with the Putin attitude. They absolutely hate it when you speak the truth - especially when there are many of them, and only one of you. It’s their pet peeve.

My German relatives came with a darker element to them, that of a strong Nazi/ homosexual/ paedophile/ Satanist influence. My mother was an exceedingly disturbed woman, with a whole host of psychological issues, as I've detailed in a previous article. Her abuse of me as a child was constant, involving telling me she wouldn't care if I died, (a terrible thing to say to a child), and getting my father to beat me regularly owing to situations which she herself had fabricated, and break my nose at one point (I was 16 at the time). Even though teachers at my 2 schools were concerned for me, and I regularly appeared with bruises, my parents glossed the situation over, and maintained the abuse never happened.

The abuse is a novel in itself, and because of the denial of the situation by the abusers, and sheer incompetence of both medical and police systems, I was never able to access the help which I so desperately needed, particularly the right medication (when I found something which seemed to work for me, it was withheld) and psychotherapeutic treatment. However, I'm convinced that all these systems are run according to these Nazi/ homosexual/ paedophilic/ Satanistic traditions, which I've previously mentioned. It is a huge cover-up. It's scandalous, and evil. We can't all rely solely on Quora in order to let loose. Most of us need specialized therapy.

I had mostly female cousins, with only one male cousin, from my father's side of the family. Growing up, I was aware that said male cousin could apparently never "do anything right". He ended up failing his English "O"-Level 6 times, and suffering from schizophrenia, before dying prematurely in his early 50s. There were obviously some issues around the parents. I asked many times if I could see him, to talk to him and find out what was bugging him, but was refused this privilege. So, it can be seen, that scapegoating was alive and well, on this side of the family.

If one side of the family's narcissistic, that's bad enough; if both sides are on the case, all I can say is, good luck! Many times, I tried to reach out to my mother's relatives regarding the abuse I was experiencing, but they had been poisoned by my mother early on, and in any event, bought into the family tradition. They weren't interested, didn't want to listen, and didn't care. By the way, their names are Hermann Dudda, Rolf Dudda, and Hannelore Kalitta. The latter even seemed to rejoice when I was having obvious problems.

Ultimately, to cut a long story short, my mother (who had never worked) and a German uncle (Hermann Dudda) of mine, hatched a plot to defraud my father of a total of nearly 3/4 million GBP following my parents' marital breakdown, presumably with the design of shipping it off to Germany or wherever. They didn't even tell me she had died. I contested the will, but the judge found in their favour, even though they admitted they didn't need the money. In my experience, there is no real justice in this world (apart from the fact that my very nasty mother died); the people with more money, not more need, will always be favoured. Funny how that works.

I can also honestly say that the "official" version of every story you see, whether it's the outcome of a court case, or a story in the papers, is deliberately rigged; it's not the true story. In fact, it's never the true story; it's almost always a bunch of lies.

Two other women besides my relatives also testified at the trial. I questioned why they were there, as they were not family, and not mentioned as will beneficiaries. I presume they had looked after my mother before she died, and were also probably her lesbian lovers, as she most certainly didn't like men. I believe my relatives bribed them in exchange for some portion of the will, as they admitted they had been asked to attend by one of my mother's brothers, who curiously enough was her will executor.

I should also like to mention that a German cousin of mine (Iris Wittreck) was a lesbian doctor, who did not want to conceive in the normal fashion, so chose IVF. The resulting child cannot see his father until he is 18. She also married another woman, who had 2 more kids (the latter always appearing very unhappy in photographs). In order that she could have IVF, and to get childcare out of her. No love there. So, not only did she deprive her own little boy of a father, but also 2 other children - something which I consider to be highly immoral, but not altogether surprising in this day and age, where straight Christian people are crucified if they even dare to mention traditional Christian principles (cue the cases of Keith Waters and Bernard Randall). For the record, I'm also a fan of Scott Lively, and Steven Anderson.

This partner of hers was also a tubby brick s-house of a woman (Heike Wittreck), who was attempting to go through a sex change. Now, I'd like to question the morality of a large chunk of my father's money going towards some random person's sex change, where I have for many years struggled for basics such as rent and food. There again, courts have no morals, and as we should be aware, "in the end-times, the good will be called bad, and the bad good". Everything is upside-down.

Anyway, enough about my seriously dysfunctional family. Let's move onto the current issue of my housing. Most of the current complaints against me (woman-on-woman) seem to derive from the following:

* I’m not the same age as them. Okay, sharing with kids never works. It's like Mum and teens. They’re in their 30s and I’m in my 40s, and I would hope that by the time they got to my age, they would have experienced their fair share of midlife crises (try the menopause - they know NOTHING), and be playing a different tune, to their chagrin. Who knows, though? Maybe never. They might not reach that level.

* We’ve nothing in common, and I don’t “talk like other girls”. Well, why would I want to really, judging by the dross that comes out of some of their mouths? Yeah, they’re into cooking and I’m not. So what?

* As a result of this telephone conversation one of the women was having with someone else, she apparently said that at the end of the 1st week I came to live at (current accommodation) that she “didn’t want me around”. I found that clear from her body language, where when I tried to talk animatedly about my Art (I like to make what I do, something people enjoy, and which enhances my life), she stared back at me completely blankly. That's the sign of a malignant narcissist. Mind you, she’s not an artist - yet she’s living in a live/ work space that other artists could clearly use.

*The woman upstairs is calling me a “f-ing bitch” - GOOD. I really don’t care. !! They complain about my occasionally swearing on the phone, but use the F word all the time, themselves. I haven't even met this particular woman. They walk up and down all night - my nightly sleep has cut down to 1 hour a night over the past year, that’s IF I get any sleep at all. We also had a partying couple who previously lived with us, but they moved out last year (they would start cooking at 12am and go on till 3am. YES.)

*Tbh, I was rarely in the house, going out for many long walks when I was well enough to do so, and not incapacitated by health issues - but they didn’t want to have their “precious” space invaded - I guess?

*They’re trying to make out I’m an addict, when I have admittedly had problems with booze, but never, never drugs. I’ve heard about some of the drugs they’ve tried, and it sounds to me that like the demon Jesus cast out of the man, their name is Legion.

* One of these cows (the one upstairs) knows my ex, and swears he (Stephen Bird) is the nicest, kindest fellow. He took many, many drugs, including heroin, was at one point addicted to amphetamines, and used to grow and sell his own pot. He cut my hair in my sleep. He was looking at having an affair with one of our mutual friends. When I mention all this, I am apparently the bogeyman - FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! What is wrong with people, and why are they so clueless?

*Victim blaming of me, trying to call cops on me, pretending I was doing things I didn’t do, making me a scapegoat no matter what I do (good or bad).

*Now, this is really funny. I was listening to all the telephone conversations right outside one of the women’s doors (I could also hear the conversation from upstairs). Bear in mind, she works for a stalking helpline (Inez da Souza). She said that if she came out of her room she was going to kill me (now, that’s a death threat). In the event, she came out of her room and was shocked to see me outside, saying “F-!” I retorted, “Well? I’ve got so much incriminating evidence on YOU!”

*She then went and phoned her female buddy of the evening (the one upstairs again), and they were both COMPLAINING about my listening to their telephone conversations, when this was what they had been doing all along. HA! HA! HA!

*I have no idea how many hours they spent complaining about me this evening (perhaps 3-4). Have they nothing better to do, and am I really so interesting? I’m just a bod who gets on with life. Their trouble is, they just can’t stand to see anyone who is motivated, original and cruising along with projects which are made with love, for people. They have to try to take them down. Well, - you, bunch of creeps!

Yup, I refuse to be a scapegoat - ANY MORE!!! They can stick that in their pipes and smoke it!!

Until we stand up and fight them, they will continue to harass other innocent people. It's time to Putin-ise our approach. (Mr Wong Latimores) (Mr Wong Wedding)

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