This is a series of paintings made of hides in Epping Forest near where I used to live, and which I have known through many a summer and winter. 

I had always been fascinated by the hides and fallen trunks which are visible here and there among the trees, and which provide shelter for both the homeless and for wild animals. My idea of making drawings of them was several years old, but it was not until I discovered UV paints that I felt able to move this idea into a whole different dimension and bring it to life. 

Epping Forest at dusk has a very haunting quality. Darkness typically descends very quickly in the Forest, endowing most of the surroundings with gloom - with the exception of chinks of pale sky shining through the trees. 

I did not want to use obvious or too literal colours for these images - so my forests may look psychedelic at their finest!  

These unusual and unique paintings can be bought from Etsy at .

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