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Showing scenes from a time when real, live gigs did actually happen, "The Gig" documents the musical performances, and after-parties, of alternative, bohemian characters from North-by-Northeast London (Hackney, Dalston etc. - you get the picture).

I thought I'd have a go at tackling this subject-matter, partly because coloured stage lighting describes things altogether differently; in the darkness of a very small and mostly blacked-out nightclub, or where you've got a video projection playing along in the background of these (very) alternative performances - or whether you've got the light shining through the pub windows from outside, or a view of the audience alongside the performers themselves - it emphasizes the intimacy of the venue and also, illustrates potently just how much is described by light; the way it bounces off things, and that whilst you're aware that in the cold light of day, colours "are what they are", at night, it's quite a different story, although not all cats are grey. Quite the opposite! The night comes alive with colour, and transports you into an altogether different world. 

These paintings are made on canvas, using both conventional and UV acrylic paints. As a rough size guide, I'd say most of them are compact and bijou; around about A5 to A4 size. A selection of these rather cool paintings is now available to buy on Etsy, at . See you there! 



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